Work With Me

I’M A FREELANCE SOFTWARE CONSULTANT. I help companies build apps in the APPLE ecosystem. I mostly work remotely from belgium, germany & the netherlands.

My main area of expertise is SWIFT DEVELOPMENT for the Apple ecosystem. I have built native apps for all Apple platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch & Apple TV.

I strongly DISLIKE JAVSCRIPT & web-based frontend development. Don’t call me for that. I will do REST BACKEND development if the project needs it.

I can take an app from wireframe to native implementation & have extensive experience in CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT & UX.

I also do BUSINESS CONSULTING & CONTENT MARKETING for startups if the project is right. Right now I am working with Flexify to help grow their Shopify App.

I NEVER WORK ON-SITE & avoid open office environments at all cost. I strongly believe in deep work & believe extended periods of isolation are essential to excel at modern knowledge work.

When i’m not helping clients bring apps to market i build my own digital projects.

TEL +32487758971

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