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I’m currently building an app for climbers called ClimbChat. The goal is to build a virtual climbing coach to help people become better climbers. For more information & a demo check out

Like in 2017 with FitChat I participated in Ycombinator’s Startup School (SUS18) program. During the program I focussed on three value propositions:

In the end I ended up shelving the last two value propositions to focus on the first one for the initial launch. The app is currently in private beta for iOS and Android.

The app is built natively for iOS (Swift) & Android (Kotlin). For the backend I opted for a Python-based REST API & hugo to manage the static assets. I also learned a lot about 3D map generation & flying drones for cartography.


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Panda allows you to quickly edit small text snippets on your clipboard such as links or tweets. Instead of Copy/Paste, Copy/Panda/Paste like this:

The Panda text editor always opens with the last text you copied to your clipboard. No need to save, when you hide the editor your text is ready to be pasted.

Available in the Mac AppStore


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In 2017 I built a chat app for fitness coaches & their clients. The idea was to provide an easy to use app where coaches could safetly and privately share training programs with their clients.

I participated in Startup School 2017 (SUS2017) with FitChat & ended up eventually pivoting it to become ClimbChat.


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I read the book “Remote” by the guys & the passage about using screencasts to communicate more effectively struck a chord with me. I had a look at the screencasting apps on the Mac App Store & saw they all sucked. This was my answer.


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I started working on my own startup (Quantter/DidThis) in the self- tracking space in 2010 while I was still working at Holidaycheck. After the succesful Holidaycheck launch I decided to quit & focus full-time on my startup to create native iOS apps for self- trackers.

I was Founder, CTO, I did everything from concept to backend & frontend. First startup experience.

The number one accelerator in the US (, <5% chance to get an interview) decided we were interesting enough for an invite but ultimately decided not to invest.

We won the national “VentureKick” startup prize in Switzerland & used the money to kick-start the company.


Here’s a short history of some of the apps I have made.

name year description
CLIMBCHAT 2018 Virtual coaching app to help people become better climbers. Available at
PANDA 2017 Clipboard text editor for the Mac. Available in the Mac AppStore
FITCHAT 2017 Chat app for fitness coaches & their clients. Pivoted to
CASTY 2014 Native Mac screencasting app.
DIDTHIS 2011 Self-tracking / Quantified Self app for iOS and Android

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